Using bad 2.5D data in archeology ; use-cases of PCSAPS (a GRASS GIS script) on aerial LIDAR and other archaeological data...
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par Yann
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Le 24 avril 2014 à Paris dans le cadre du CAA2014

Abstract :

The important development of 3D imaging in archeology involves both large and small scale objects, from landscapes to simple artifacts. However, 3D imaging could some times be downgraded to 2.5D and this would yield very similar proceedings to DEM treatments currently used by GIS softwares. This is usually quite efficient to quicken calculation. Applications would range from archaeological sites detection by aerial LIDAR data, photogrammetric modeling of an epigraphic artifact or lasergrammetry of a wall.

In this contribution we present Point Cloud Simple Archaeological Process Script (PCSAPS), a shell script that can automatically process large amount of point clouds in 2.5D dataset, for archaeological applications.

PCSAPS is produced under GPL license and uses only open source software (bash, GRASS GIS, ffmpeg,...). We will offer a live demo of the script, display results obtained on data including aerial LIDAR, photogrammetry and lasergrammetry, and discuss its limitations.

PCSAPS provides common 2.5D documents, like slopes, shadings and also measurement of quality like density or coverage that are useful for archaeologists to assess the quality of their data and therefore make a better use of them. We have also developed a mean difference multi-scalar process that can extract relative reliefs and reveal archaeological shapes at different sizes, even on heavily noised datasets.

Production of data in GIS format (Geotiffs), PDF maps and animated shadings (AVI) are automated. PCSAPS produces a set of general documentation directly usable by archaeologists even without GIS or 3D software knowledge. We hope that kind of simple tool will ease the integration of 3D data in archaeological studies.

Example of PCSAPS video (shadings, direction of light 0 -> 360°) [ photogrammetric model by Services3D / Arc’Antique)

Example of coverage (%) for a LIDAR tile (BERCÉ forest, 0.5m process). Stats are automatically produced by PCSAPS in a specific directory for each process :

flèche Sur le web : CAA2014

Téléchargements Fichiers à télécharger :
  • map_shadow_sum_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm.pdf
  • 314.4 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_shade_360.pdf
  • 84.5 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_shade_315.pdf
  • 60 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_shade_270.pdf
  • 49.5 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_shade_225.pdf
  • 60.3 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_shade_180.pdf
  • 324.8 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_shade_135.pdf
  • 295.6 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_shade_90.pdf
  • 49.8 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_shade_45.pdf
  • 60.7 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_diff_cm_mean_21.pdf
  • 326.5 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_diff_cm_mean_17.pdf
  • 332.4 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_diff_cm_mean_13.pdf
  • 337 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_diff_cm_mean_9.pdf
  • 341.7 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_diff_cm_mean_5.pdf
  • 345.9 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_tcurv.pdf
  • 75.2 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_pcurv.pdf
  • 79.4 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_slope.pdf
  • 83.2 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_aspect.pdf
  • 62.1 ko / PDF
  • map_canon_zoom_canon_louis_0.01m_dsm_coverage.pdf
  • 148.6 ko / PDF

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